If I had $500 to spend on content per year…

I thought about this the other day, about how most websites have garbage ads on the sides, most of which are complete fucking scams. One of the websites I read I subscribe for $50/yr. So if I had 10 websites, $500 a year, to spend on content subscriptions where would I spend it?

  1. Ars Technica (which I already subscribe to for $50/yr)
  2. Las Vegas Sun
  3. Green Car Congress
  4. AnandTech
  5. The Verge
  6. BoingBoing
  7. Five Thirty Eight (a blog on the NY Times website, I’d subscribe to the entire site just for this and the Paul Krugman columns)
  8. Fareed Zakaria GPS (a blog on CNN’s website)
  9. Fierce Wireless/Fierce Broadband Wireless
  10. Reddit (not a news site, but still I’d pay)

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